When buying a home you not only focus on how beautiful the home is and how it’ll fit your needs, but you also focus on the location. This will decide if you move forward in the purchase or not because there is nothing worse than the perfect home in the wrong location. So what is that makes a good location to purchase a home in? There are three things that make up a good location and will have you making an offer as soon as you finish the walkthrough.

The Neighborhood

It is important to live in a neighborhood that you feel comfortable in and wouldn’t mind spending your nice days outside. Your neighbor may not have tons of contact with you, but living somewhere friendly and welcoming is a good start. If you have children, you might want to pick a neighborhood filled with small kids and bikes, if you do not, you will want to adjust that to living in a more quiet place. This is totally up to you and your preference. Those who love the neighborhoods they live in, tend to stay longer before selling or moving out of their homes. You may also want to check the school districts and how far your commute to and from work would be. These two factors have the ability to turn a neighborhood from good to great if they offer what you need distance wise.


A good location is one that is central to everywhere you need to go. Whether it be the grocery store, work or the kid’s schools. You want to pick a location that is almost equally the same distance to each destination. Same with living outside of a big city, picking a convenient location for things you do on a day to day basis, makes deciding to live somewhere a lot easier. Be aware that when larger cities have a population growth, it is the outside suburban area that suffers the most due to a decline in property value.

Future Developments

This factor is huge for those who are looking for future amenities when buying a house. Whether it be a new public school or commercial development this can improve the value on your home, it can also sway you to buy a home also. If your favorite grocery store is being built down the street, you are more likely to pick that house that you like because of its proximity to something else that you are fond of.

What makes a good location really falls on what you’re looking for when purchasing a home, although there are some guidelines that most people follow, it is essentially your own and your own personal preference where you decide to live. Doing further research of the surrounding location to a home will decide if it is in a good location for you, and worth the buy.