When looking for a new home to buy, it is always important to have a professional to direct you and give you unbiased opinions during a buying process. Buyers agents are experts in finding the perfect home for a client and have an extensive knowledge of the market and how to navigate the home buying process. These agents are well networked and know when and how to make the right move when purchasing a new home.


The Difference

While many sellers agents may also be buyers agents, they are quite different roles in the property purchasing process. Both roles are active in creating house tours, relationship management with clients, and facilitating negotiations. The biggest difference between the two comes down to the client’s goals. A buyers agents goal is to provide their client with the best options for available homes in a given area. Their allegiance is with you, the homebuyer, during every step of the process.  They also help during the negotiating process and even set up inspections. A seller’s goal is to create a relationship with those who are most likely to make a deal on the property.


The Team

When you chose to work with a buyer’s agent, a team is formed between you and the agent. They must understand what you want out of a home from the aesthetics of the architecture to location and price. A buyer’s agent is an extension of you and your needs in a property. You and your agent must have a close relationship in order for them to be able to fully understand your desires from a home. A seller’s agent is more focus on getting the best deal from whoever is interested.

A buyer’s agent is someone who is there to help alleviate any trouble or to answer any of your questions during a grueling homebuying process. There are various things that pop up during a home buying process that a pro-agent can manage with ease. They give you insight into all aspects of the home from the inspection to the paperwork to even looking ahead and taking into consideration the resale. A buyer’s agents most often used phrase for their clients is, “I will handle this”.