Testimonials From Kathryn Messina’s Clients!

Kathy was one of 3 highly recommended realtors we invited to interview to help sell our 8-room colonial in Watertown, MA. We were immediately impressed with her confidence, depth of knowledge, organization, and clearly articulated strategies, her answers to our questions concise and on target,  her attention to detail  – from the preparation we could anticipate, to the pricing we could ask, to the demographic of the intended buyers we could expect – all  carefully organized, clearly explained,  and supported by both data and her professional experience and acumen. Kathy had at her disposal, at very reasonable costs, all the resources we would need including a highly professional but reasonable  team of trades people and professionals we would need to upgrade and update the house. Her confidence in the process and her clear explanations were delivered without pressure and were very reassuring. She offered us a variety of options and allowed time for us to consider them.

We always felt comfortable asking questions, challenging trends, or declining her advice, though as it turned out, we abided by almost all of her recommendations, and were glad we did. Kathy laid out the anticipated costs of the work that needed to be done either by outside services, or her own resources, who were always available, reasonable, and competent, and included  a talented and artistic stager, very handy  handyman (we continue to employ him in our new home). Her cost and timing projections were right on target, and as a bonus, she covered 20% of the staging cost from her own commission. There were no surprises or add-ons anywhere along the line.

Kathy stayed closely involved in the preparation and progress from start to finish, always communicating with us as needed to be sure we were meeting our deadlines. She was always patient but firm when we fell behind schedule, which was very helpful in keeping us on target so as to put the house on the market at the most profitable time.

The first (and only) open-house weekend  attracted 60 groups of potential buyers and drew 4 offers within 2 days later (her deadline). We accepted the best offer – $25,000 over asking price  and waiver of inspections- the very scenario Kathy had predicted.

We felt very lucky to have her in our corner, and would recommend her unconditionally to our own friends and family.

Dennis and Faith M

“Kathryn was the perfect realtor for me because she took me from beginning to end. Her process is seamless. She knew exactly what she was doing at every step of the way; even recommending someone to do financing with…I can’t imagine working with anyone else but Kathryn.”

“My husband and I bought our home with the help of Kathryn and we had the most wonderful experience! She helped us with researching for our homes, finding exactly what we were looking for, all the way to the final purchase date. It was the most amazing experience..”