Each year in the real estate market, there are great technological advancements that improve relationships between agents and clients. These advancements can be a buyer getting a high-quality 3D walkthrough on their computer to getting virtual reality tours of a far away property right at your real estate agent’s office. Technology is highly influencing the way agents to buy and sell to clients. Now, with the help of live video streaming and robotics, agents are giving property tours without even leaving their office!

A New Way to Tour

A San Francisco company is pushing even further to strengthen the relationship between the real estate market and the field of tech. Zenplace, a property management startup, is giving tours to potential buyers and renters through a robot! A motorized screen moves freely around the home with a licensed real estate agent live streaming through the robot. This new technology was pushed by the CEO Rahul Mewawalla, who previously served as an advisor to the late San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, where they tackled issues regarding the city’s Internet of Things and infrastructure technology.

“You’ve got to look for a place, you have to play phone tag, you have to fill out long applications,” Mewawalla stated.

His solution was to create an app in which allows users to schedule a tour whenever they please. The potential renters, through the app, are sent a lockbox code to access units. Inside the property, they will find a robot with an agent on the screen ready to give a tour. The agent can guide the robot through the home while also answering the questions of potential renters. Individuals will no longer have to be at the mercy of a busy agent’s schedule. The agent has more time to show properties without traveling away from their office, giving them a stronger ability to cover more territory.

With an agent having the ability to be at any property, around the country, at a moment’s notice, has many benefits. It will take time for this new tech to spread to other cities and small towns across the country but the adoption of technology in real estate is inevitable. Consumers want technology friendly processes and real estate will have to keep up with those demands.Potential buyers, sellers, and renters start most of their searching online, even just for an agent!