A strong relationship with your real estate agent is essential to have a smooth and relaxing home buying, or selling, process. An agent should never make you feel pressured to make decisions but rather a friendly advisor to a complicated process. To start an open conversation with a potential new agent, here are a few questions to establish a healthy relationship through a sale.


  1. Why are they in the business?

This is a great question to ask a potential agent. It is a question that must be answered with honesty and can give you a true look into their intentions. A good answer to hear from an agent would be along the lines of, giving new families a sense of adventure to just generally helping people start a new journey. If your agent states that they are only in the industry to make money, their intentions may be a bit off.


  1. How long have they been in the business?

There is nothing wrong with a young agent in the field. Sometimes, new agents tend to give a lot more care to their clients. Those with 20+ years of experience may treat you as just another client and use their same buying process with you that they have with all of their other clients. Do not let years of experience determine whether or not they are capable of aiding you through the process. Their level of knowledge and mentorship is not visible to the naked eye.


  1. What is your average number of clients?

This is another way to feel how a potential agent manages time and a full client load. A question like this gets a feel of how an agent manages time and learn how they plan on managing your time. Find out, if they have a full client load, what their strategy is to remedy the situation if you were to need additional support during the process. Do they have team members who can help?


  1. Can you show me homes you have sold in the past year?

A question like this is quite basic and is essentially asking someone for the resume or portfolio. It can give you a feel of what type of homes they work with and the areas they have worked in before. This can give you a good understanding of the deals that they have made and where their specialties lie.


  1. Talk about the commission!

Getting down to the awkward nitty gritty is necessary. It is quite normal to negotiate commission prices with an agent. Of course, working with a seller’s agent you must pay both your agent and the buyer’s agent’s commission. This is quite normal. Research normal commission costs and find a happy medium between you and your agent.