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Kathryn Messina combines her love for Massachusetts with her unparalleled experience in real estate, when helping her clients in all aspects of real estate. Over the course of her career, having worked in numerous capacities, Kathryn Messina has developed a keen aptitude and knowledge of the real estate industry. She is committed to helping her clients at every stage of the home buying process and specializes in a variety of sectors in real estate. From locating the perfect house to closing the deal, Kathryn Messina is with you every step of the way! Boasting over a decade of experience, Kathryn Messina provides unparalleled expertise and advice to those she works with. Kathryn currently serves as an agent for Premier Realty Group, and is also an instrumental part to the Cherry Tree Title team.










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Kathryn Messina grew up in Delaware, which is where her initial introduction to real estate took place at a young age. At just 18, Kathryn was fortunate enough to find a job working for a rather discerning attorney, as a real estate paralegal. During those formative years, Kathryn immersed herself in her work and sequentially took away everything that she knows about real estate today.

From there, Kathryn opted to move to Wakefield Massachusetts, where she worked for a commercial real estate law firm. After which, she took a position at a paralegal servicing company out of Andover. While working in Andover, Kathryn met Peter Gizzi, who had shared his plans to open a real estate title company. Ultimately, Peter Gizzi asked Kathryn to be a fundamental partner in the real estate title company, now known as Cherry Tree Title.

Today, Kathryn Messina has been working in real estate for over 16 years, in numerous capacities.  Kathryn received her real estate license back in 2007 and ever since, has been committed to her client’s in the many markets of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Kathryn Messina prides herself on her versatility as both a listing agent and buyer’s agent. Through that versatility, Kathryn is able to bring an insightful approach to both the home buying and selling process.

What Makes a Good Location?

When buying a home you not only focus on how beautiful the home is and how it’ll fit your needs, but you also focus on the location. This will decide if you move forward in the purchase or not because there is nothing worse than the perfect home in the wrong location....
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Looking Ahead to Real Estate in 2019

Several threats are coming for the real estate market in 2019. Two prominent issues to watch for are rising interest rates and the economy. Below is a list of current and long-term issues to watch out for in the following industry next year. Current Issues to Watch:...
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Why Real Estate Agents are Still Needed Even With New Technology

With tech startups disrupting in-person services across the board, it might come as a  surprise that nine out of ten consumers still prefer to buy and sell homes through a human real estate agent. Silicon Valley may be funneling more cash into real estate...
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Tips on How to Assess Your Local Real Estate Market

Much like current fads in decor and architecture, the real estate market is rarely static. National trends interface with municipal laws and local developments, which can lead to disparities between markets in different areas. And since so many unique factors drive...
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First Time Buyers are Hustling in Tight Markets

In a broad perspective, the market looks to have a low supply of beginner homes paired with rising home prices. This market situation is proving to be challenging for those looking to purchase their first home. The National Association of Realtors released information...
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